One Canadian Facility Management provides a full range of cleaning services and solutions. We have unquestionable competence and capability, servicing the local commercial business in Calgary.

Highly - Trained Staff

One Canadian has trained staff for every commercial cleaning, we know that every workplace is different from others, So we have categorised and trained our staff especially for every commercial workplace.

Fast & Effective Services

One Canadian believes in customer satisfaction and provide the services as soon as possible, we are committed to the efficiency of our work and fastest service, unlike other cleaning local companies.

Quality Cleaning Tools

One Canadian trained their staff to use special and unique equipment for every type of commercial place, we have special machines for blowing, steaming, dusting. we are much more than simple dusting and cleaning.


Better Service and Better Value

If you are interested in receiving a no-obligation quotation on any of our services or would like more information about One Canadian, contact our office.

The success of our company is characterized by staying true to our core values and what we care most about; value, people and the environment.The success of our cleaning system is reinforced by trained professionals. Our experienced staff uses effective equipment and cleaning agents that are environmentally friendly and allergenic free while ensuring the best possible results.One Canadian Facility Management is best suited to be your service provider for one critical reason:



At One Canadian Facility Management, we believe in providing quality services with the use of environmentally friendly cleaning products. We strive to be competitive with comparable facilities and build good working relationships with our customers.

One Canadian  professionally cleans and maintains properties and facilities, using the best appropriate products and technology. In doing so, we clean while recognizing the importance of antiseptic, safe, and well maintained environments. Our quality of service is enhanced by our commitment to One Canadian’s  green principles.


One Canadian is aware of the importance of protecting our environment; however, we also have a responsibility to improve the indoor environment.

One Canadian’s cleaning program is designed to reflect occupancy and intensity which is, in the simplest of terms, the level of human activity.  For those areas that see more human activity, we will respond with appropriate cleaning frequencies.    We will ensure that not only will we clean our area of responsibility, but that we add to other areas, such as proper ventilation cleaning to help increase indoor air quality.

Our cleaning program concentrates on all “touch points”, such as desktops, tables, lunch counters, washrooms, water fountains, light switches, keyboards, doorknobs, and phones.  We will use high-grade sanitizers or disinfectants that will produce the best results using low-toxic chemicals. 


Our word is our bond; we keep to our agreements and maintain accountability, honesty and openness with our staff and clients.

We are technologically driven and do things in unique ways. We have a team whose core attributes can make the difference.

What we believe is that we stand to gain nothing if our customers are not satisfied with the services they receive from us. So we constantly strive to ensure that clients get the value for their money.

We are aware of the challenges applied to cultivating quality hygiene in workplaces, hence we engage a model of excellence in our operations spanning through the understanding of best practices by our staff which will then yield quality and peace of mind.

Committed to delivering the best of service to our clients always.


In our efforts to be a leader in the industry, One Canadian offers other added-value features including:


In response to the current pandemic situation, One Canadian Facility Management has developed the a COVID-19 Site Prevention Plan in order to reduce the risk of contracting or spreading Coronavirus (COVID-19). Adherence to safety procedures is necessary as safety and health is our principle concern.

While One Canadian Facility Management maintains responsibility to ensure a safe and healthy worksite, all site personnel are reminded that they also have the individual obligation to protect the health and wellness of themselves and others on site by following the controls listed within this prevention plan.



One Canadian Services, in partnership with our clients, provides cleaning services, day support staff, and many other related services. In the delivery of services One Canadian uses a foundation of exceptional customer service, environmentally focused products, as well as dedicated staffing and management support. Managed and operated by local ownership, our focus is driven by our advantage; our people, our performance, and our unique client relationships. At One Canadian, we bring experience in providing quality, cost effective services to sites in commercial, retail, industrial, recreational, healthcare and educational facilities.


Once you choose One Canadian as your maintenance service company, you will find a highly trained and motivated service staff who will provide you with the highest quality cleaning service on a consistent basis. You will also find a receptive company, which can be as flexible as it is comprehensive. We can provide you with additional or special services when and where they are requested. At One Canadian you are number one. Customer satisfaction is the reason for our success and forms the foundation of our company’s philosophy.