Following is the list of the most frequently asked questions from people about our Cleaning Services. If you have new questions, just ask below in the comments or Contact Us!

The difference is not just about one thing but a combination of whole new things that make us exceptional in cleaning services. From our high-quality non-toxic and safe materials used for cleaning to our modern-day excellent quality equipment and professional vehicles, we stand apart. Our services are exceptional because of our commitment to quality and trust-building.
No, we completely personalize our cleaning. We serve every place according to its individual requirements on the spot because we understand every place is different so does its requirements. For more information about what we clean and how we clean, please visit our site or Contact us!
Yes, we bring everything with us, from cleaning materials and liquids to removers, mops and vacuum cleaners.
We take responsibility for everything we touch! Our cleaners take care of sensitive and fragile things, but if something gets damaged, we repair it or replace it entirely or if the customer requests, pay the recompense. Insurance privileges will be filled when appropriate.
You can contact us by email or directly call us on our given number, or place a note on the counter. We will surely fulfil all your requirements. Please make sure to give us a prior notice for special requests which may take longer than an extra one to two hours to complete.
First and foremost, you can have trust in all of our professionals. They are all insured and bonded. Before hiring, we verify all our professionals’ backgrounds and related details and all of them are verified. Our workers go through a proper training process and all of our services are accompanied by a satisfaction promise. In any case, if you’re not happy with our services, we will immediately send a worker to your place within 24 hours to address your concerns.
We take pride in ourselves regarding quality cleaning, but if you notice that something is overlooked, please let us know within 24 hours of our service and we will send someone right away to fix it. Your satisfaction is our first priority.
One Canadian Cleaning Services is providing exceptional commercial cleaning services for 30 years and will continue to do so.
That’s not a problem. Just contact us by calling or email us, and we will adjust the time according to your own schedule. Our mission is to give you satisfaction and relaxation.
Not at all. We provide our services as needed so that it serves best according to your schedule and unique requirements. We will serve as you’ll order and there apply no rules and obligations regarding the time and limit of the service.
Yes, we are flexible in our services. In case if you need to skip or change the appointment date or time, just inform us 24 hours before the service. We will change your appointment date and time as you’ll wish.